Custom Wood and Leather Name Bracelet

Introduction: Custom Wood and Leather Name Bracelet

So my friend asked me to make him a bracelet that he could give to his girlfriend for Christmas, so at first I went online but couldn't really find what i was looking for, so i had to come up with my own design.  

Step 1: Supplies

You'll need a block of your choice wood, for me that was rosewood, its both strong and fairly easy to work with. Also, you'll need enough leather to cover your wrists, a watch clasp, and some twine. For tools, you'll need a scroll saw, sander/ sand paper, awl, file, and drill. Some thick wire is optional.

Step 2: Cutting Out the Letters

Trace the letters you want on the wood. Drill a few holes so that you can insert the blade, then cut out the letters. It's ok if thier a little rough for now.

Step 3: Curves

In order to fit comfortably on wrist, you need to get a good curve. I used the sander in order to get a smooth curve but you could also cut it out with a scroll saw and then sand it down. To get the letters smooth, you can stick a small strip of sand paper in a vice stick it through the letters and sand the inside.

Step 4: Getting Ready for the Leather

In order to get a solid connection with the leather and wood you need to file out grooves for the leather to fit into.

Step 5: Leather

You need to make a slit in the middle for the tab in the clasp to fit through, then punch four holes on ether side of the slot so you can fold the leather over on itself.

Step 6: Wholy Wood

Sorry for the pun. You need to make three wholes in the slotted area of the wood and a matching pair on the leather so you can sow the wood to the leather.
Then, slide the clasp over the leather and sow it together .
Then punch wholes in the band to fit her wrist and taper the edges.
If you want, you can use a thick piece of wire ( I used a bike spoke) to make a ring to hold down the extra leather band.

Step 7: And That's It!

If you want, you can cover it in oil, or you can leave it raw and eventually the oil from the skin will make it shine, which makes it a much more personal gift.

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