Introduction: Custom Decal ANYTHING!!!!!

This little 'ible here will show you how to custom decal (using spray paint) pretty much anything you want to.

Step 1: Materials

1. computer and printer
2. exacto knife
3. masking or painters tape
4. cutting surface
5. spray paint
6. something that you want to decal.

Step 2: Get Your Design

You need to go on google images or whatever you use and look for and image that is just like your decal, meaning the shape.  If you want to trace a custom decal, be my guest, but its a hella lot of work.  For my example i will use a box.  Print out your shape in the desired size and tape it to some sort of cutting board.

Step 3: Cut

Using an exacto knife or a precision cutting tool, cut around the shape your are making and throw away the center.  My example is a monster logo that i have previously used, sorry for the black paint.

Step 4: Tape It!!!

Tape your design to the surface that your decaling (you can use use any kind of tape).  You can print your image onto a sticker sheet as another option, but those are expensive.

Step 5: Spray

Get your desired color of spray paint, i used matte black, and shake it up.  Then, spray your decal.  Spray strait onto the decal because if you spray at an angle, the paint will spray past the sides of the decal and screw up the shape.  (if you use solid sticker sheets this isn't a problem.)

Step 6: DONE!

now remove the tape after about 2 or 3 minutes.  then let your decal dry.  If you want the decal to be protected then spray it with a layer of clear paint/primer and it'll be fine.
thnx for tuning in!