Introduction: Custom-fit a Target Face Mask (no Sewing)

This tutorial will help you take a loose-fitting cloth face mask and customize it to your face shape. I purchased a 2-pack of these masks at Target for $4. If you look at the first picture, you may be able to see that there are gaps at the top of the mask above the nose, at the bottom under the chin, and at each side. It's a bit hard to see, but those gaps have been closed up in the second picture.

EDIT: after wearing this design around town for errands, I've taken out the step where you close the chin gap with fabric glue, as


  • Target mask
  • Twist tie (I like the ones from coffee bags)
  • Scissors
  • Craft knife
  • Fabric glue (could probably use any white glue)
  • Stiff card stock
  • 2 mini binder clips


  • Large rubber band or hair tie
  • Paper clip, safety pin, or stitch saver

Step 1: Insert the Nose Wire.

1. If you're using a coffee twist tie, cut it in half lengthwise and then cut the corners off one end so it’s pointy. This will make it easier to insert into the mask.

2. Fold the twist tie in half and align the center with the top of the nose on the mask. Note where the end of the twist tie lands on the mask.

3. Using the craft knife, make a small vertical incision between the two top seams at that spot. It doesn’t have to be exact. Thread the twist tie, pointy end first, into the channel created by the two seams. If it gets stuck at the seam at the top of the nose, you may have to make another incision and come at it from the opposite side.

Step 2: Push the Fabric Away From Your Mouth.

Once you've sealed up the top and bottom gaps, you'll notice that the fabric of the mask gets sucked in against your mouth as you breathe. If you're going to be wearing it for awhile, moisture from your mouth will eventually wick outward to the outside of the mask. This step keeps the fabric away from your mouth and also gives you a little more breathing room.

7. Cut a long thin strip of the cardstock. Lay it so it stretches horizontally across the inside center of the mask. Fold a little flap over on one end of the strip and insert the flap into the filter pocket. Hold it in place with one of the binder clips. You can pinch the metal arms to remove them. SAVE THESE SO YOU CAN TAKE THE CLIPS OFF TO WASH THE MASK.

8. Put the mask back on and feed the loose end of the strip into the mask until it pops the mask out away from your face. Pinch to hold the strip in place, remove the mask, and repeat the attachment process on the other side. Cut off excess cardstock length or just fold it into the filter pocket.

Step 3: Optional: Close the Ear Gaps.

If you're happy with the fit at this point, you can stop. Or if you want to close any gaps on the sides of the mask, you can loop a rubber band or a hair elastic around one ear elastic.

Put on the mask, pull the rubber band around the back of your head, and use a paper clip, safety pin, or stitch saver to attach the rubber band to the other ear elastic once it's on your face.

To wash the mask, remove the cardstock and twist tie. Follow care instructions on the mask packaging.