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I've been wanting to custumize my old converse for a while, and I found out that acrylic paint works really well on them, so I decided to give it a shot. I think it turned out really good, so I thought I'd share it with you. I also came up with a few tricks to make your shoes(if there converse)look newer if they are old.


acrylic paints
paint brush
optional, acrylic finish, varnish, or medium

Step 1: Take Out the Laces

Just pull out your laces so they won't get in the way of painting. Then stuff in some plastic bags, so the shoes will hold their shape.

Step 2: Figure Out Your Design Then Start Painting

Think of what you want to paint on your shoes, you might want to draw it out or get a sharpie and draw on your shoes first to make a guide to paint in or on. Next just start painting, you can see in some the pics I have some white paint there. I didn't like it so I just painted over it. That's the nice thing about my shoes, the were black, so any mess ups I had I could just paint over...whew! :) If you are painting converse like me, you can do this to make your shoes look newer; paint the toes of your shoes, cut the loose strings around the stars, then repaint the stars.

Step 3: Optional, Put on a Protecter

After they have dried you can put on some sort of paint protecter. I didn't have any, and I didn't feel like getting any, because I thought if it starting wearing out, I could just paint again(Plus painting on converse is like painting on canvas so it stays on really well), so it wasn't worth it to me going out to the store to buy some. If you have some though, it will make the paint last like five times longer so defiantly use it if you do have some.

Step 4: Show Off Your New Shoes

Now you can go to the mall or whatever and go off in your new shoes. There is also a bonus in this, if people really like them you can offer to make them a pair and for a little price and get a fun small business going. Please post pics if you make any, thanks:)
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