Introduction: Customized Picture Coasters

Everyone needs coasters for their home to prevent their furniture from getting stained. They can be bought at many stores but are not unique to you. You can easily make your own coasters that are fun, creative, and very inexpensive. That is what I decided to do to make something so simple stand out to others.


  • Coaster or tile piece
  • Mod podge
  • Sponge brush
  • Clear sealer spray
  • Scissors
  • Tape measurer
  • Computer
  • Printer
  • White printer paper

Step 1: Gather Materials

I bought all of the materials at Michael's, except for the computer, printer, tape measurer, and paper, which I already had.

Step 2: Measure Your Coaster

The length x width of my coaster was 3 3/4 inches x 3 3/4 inches.

Step 3: Find Your Picture

Go onto Google images and find the picture you want to use on your coaster. Once you have found your picture, drag it onto your desktop. Then, open the picture and save it to your computer.

Step 4: Crop and Resize the Picture

Open the saved picture, I opened mine in Preview, and crop any black bars on the picture if they are there. Next, go to Tools, then Adjust Size. Under here, you can customize the length and width to fit your coaster. Put in your measurements, for a 3 3/4 in. x 3 3/4 in., you would put 3.75 inches in both the length and width boxes. Make sure to deselect scale proportionally, and only select resample image, the click Ok.

Step 5: Print and Cut Picture

Print your image on a normal, white piece of printer paper. Cut the image out, making sure there is no extra white paper left on the sides of the picture. Hold it against your coaster to make sure it will fit perfectly on it. If it is slightly too big or if you want it to be smaller on the coaster, then you can trim some of the picture.

Step 6: Gluing the Picture Onto the Coaster

Paint a thin layer of mod podge, using the song brush, on the top of the coaster. Then, place the picture on the coaster, making sure there are no creases by pressing and smoothing the picture from the center out to the edges. Let that dry. Wash your hands after you are done using the mod podge for each layer, so you do not accidentally get it in your eyes.

Step 7: Keep Mod Podg-ing

After the picture is dry, it should only take a couple of minutes - mine took about five, apply a thin layer of mod podge with the sponge brush over the image. Let this dry for about five minutes again. Then, put another thin layer of mod podge over the picture in the opposite direction that you just did. Let this dry. Again, was your hands after you are done using the mod podge.

Step 8: Spray Sealer Spray Over Coaster

The final step is to spray the clear sealer over the coaster. Spray the coaster from twelve inches away, making sure to coat the entire top of the coaster, and then let it dry. This will make the coaster water resistant so that wet glasses do not ruin it or leave a ring on it. Continue to spray one to two more layers of the sealant until the paper feels smooth and glossy. I waited ten minutes in between sprays and sprayed mine twice. Do this step outside so that you are not getting the fumes confined in a small space. Also, let it dry outside, do not take deep breathes of the spray, and wash your hands after using it so you do not rub it in your eyes or get it on any food.

After completing these steps, you have your very own personalized coasters. They are ready to be used and even given as gifts. I hope you enjoy your coasters and have as much fun making them as I did!