Introduction: Customized Soft Plastic Lures

One of the most popular and evolving fishing lures is the soft plastic worm. Today you can find them in many colors and scents to help you land a big one. But I thought, wouldn't it be cool if we could create our own soft plastic lures? So I began brain storming on how to do this. I eventually came up with this. Enjoy?

Step 1: Items

For this instructable, you will need the following ;
• Scissors or knife
• Lighter
• Soft plastics of your choice
• Garlic
• Coffee
• Salt
• Olive oil

Step 2: Making the Lure

First take 2 plastics of your choice and cut them in half. Next use the lighter and slowly heat one end until it begins to melt, then touch both ends together until they stick.

Step 3: Scent

Next mix the garlic, salt, coffee, and olive oil in a bag. Then drop in your lures and let it soak for a day or 2. These scents are the most effective for me as the garlic and salt mimics a fish and the coffee helps mask any human scents.

Step 4: Rigging

There is many ways to rig these.So I'm just going to show my 2 favorite. My all time favorite is the Texas rig with the wacky rig being the second. These seam to get the biggest bites from bass and crappie.

Step 5: Vote

I would like to ask that you please take a few seconds out of your day to hit the vote button. It means allot because I'm only 15 and have little money for things to buy for instructable. If I win I will use all my prizes for new instructable. Thanks?.

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