Introduction: Environment Friendly Fishing Lures

So I know that many people fish for fun or for food. But I fish for sport. The difference is that the other people do it in a less humane way and affect the environment where in sport fishing I do it as humane as possible and then release the fish. So after many weeks of being grounded ?I finally came up with this. Enjoy!

Step 1: Items

For this project we won't need that much stuff.
•Food color of your choice
•Clay or Soft plastic you are replicating
•Old container (SHOULD BE SQUARE )

Step 2: Step 1

First gather the lures that you want to replicate. Now if you don't have any or just want to make your own as I did, get some polymer clay. In this case I used Sculpey.

Now carefully roll out a long worm shape.

Next use the back of a knife to add ridges to the bait.

Now you can stop here or add a curly tail as I did.

Now bake making sure to follow the direction on the package.

Step 3: The Mold

Now if you don't want to go buy some plaster of Paris then you can substitute with clay. Make a square of clay as shown above and press the lure inside. Now remove and bake.

Or you can do as I did! Take an old container and fill it with plaster of Paris. Now carefully Press in the lure you want or the clay one we made earlier. Now let it dry for 2 days... next pull out the bait and you should have a mold ready to go.

Step 4: Pouring

Now you want to take a spoon full of gelatin and add half a spoon full of hot water. Stir this for a while and then add your color, glitter, and salt. Them pour it carefuly into the mold and then place it into the freezer. About 5 minutes later remove it and carefully pull out the lure from the mold. And that's all to it.

Step 5: Finished

Thanks for reading my instructable! Make sure to like and comment but most importantly don't forget to vote for me. I am only 15 years old and have little money to purchase things. And what ever I win I will use in more instructables. And make sure to ask any questions or give advice or ideas. Thanks!!! ???

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