Introduction: Customized USB Flash Drive.

Have you considered the fact that, almost *ANYTHING* can be used to create a USB flash drive?

These are some examples of some I have crafted; so you can get some ideas.

The possibilities are endless...and it is a great way to customize your own gadgets.

Step 1: 1. Get a Usb Flash Drive.

Well, the very first step would be to get the internals of an USB flash drive

The image shows what a common, USB flash drive, internals should look like.

In order to create these drives, I used drives from Sony and Sansa brands....

Of course, you need to disassemble the plastic shell for all of them...
The disassembling process is a quite easy task:

You just need a couple of screwdrivers - a plain one would be most useful -, they usually don't have any screws... they come sealed by snapping. You usually end breaking the outside plastic shell, I could not find a faster way to disassemble it without breaking it.

WARNING: It is recommended to use protection gloves, glasses and use a work table to do this.

Step 2: 2. Find a New Shell/body for the USB Flash Drive, Work on It.

This would be the best step in the overall creation process :)

You should find something that would work as the new USB flash drive body.
There are many things that might fit, but the best things are small toys.

You must pay attention in what kind of material is the new body made of...
you should also consider if it is hollow or not.

If it's a hard plastic and the body is not hollow, then you will need to use a drill.
In the examples I show, the "alien" head was very hard plastic, and I needed to drill all my way to make space for the USB circuit.

For soft plastics, you can work with a small knife.
The "venom" character flash key, is a very soft plastic, and the toy is hollow, so, there was already room for the USB circuit....all I did was to cut a square in the head and inserted the usb circuit...
In order to fix the circuit board inside the toy, I used plastic glue (you know those guns for crafts, you can find them everywhere) to hold it and added cotton and some packaging plastic pieces...

Be sure to fix the internal circuit board good...use plastic glue, or even epoxic resin...if it is not fixed strong enough, it won't last long :P

WARNING: It is recommended to use protection gloves, glasses and use a work table to do this.

Step 3: 3. Paint, Finish, Test.

After adapting your key, you can spray paint it, or add additional support with extra glue...I don't know...whatever details you might want to finish.

Be sure to test your usb circuit from time to time, so you know your work will not be in vain :)

It has never happened to me, but imagine yourself with a great customized usb drive...that does not work :P

This was my first instructable...hope you liked it!

Thank you!