Introduction: Cut Your Flip Flops

matérials: flexible ( mat, rug, carpet, leather, artificial grass, rubber...).

tools: scissors, cutter, punch.

Save and print the instructions mode d'emploi ( size guide, cut lines, assembly instructions) A3 format PDF.

Choose your size.

A/ one material - easy++++

B/ many materials - easy+-

Step 1: A/1 Cut

Circle and cut the flip flop silhouette in the material.

Step 2: A/2 Cut

Cut with au cutter on the black line.

Step 3: A/3 Cut

Cut with a cutter two notchs, like the blue line.

Make a hole/ perforate like the blue ellipse.

Step 4: A/4 Fold

Fold the bottom part on the top part.

Put the part between two notchs in the hole.

Step 5: Pimp

Cut your accessory with a hole, and place it on the part between two nutchs.

Step 6: B/

Read the instructions and make crazy flip flops!