Introduction: Cut Out Artwork

Creating artwork for my new apartment has been a fun experience. I have also discovered through my attempts that I'm not the most talented painter in the world. Given this discovery I decided to try out some alternative wall art pieces. One of the techniques I was excited to try was Cut out Art, where you actually cut away at the canvas to create awesome work

Great reasons to try cut out art

No Mess! - you don't need to clean up any paint or paint brushes.

Adaptable! - you can change up this art piece by adding different backgrounds whenever you please. This is something you cannot do with painted pieces.

Its unique - Not many people have cut out art pieces. They are a great conversation starter!

Step 1: Supplies

Here are the supplies that you will need for this art

Canvas - I bought black canvas, mostly because that was what was on sale. White canvas will work just as well

Exacto Knife - Preferably a new or freshly sharpened blade to cut the canvas

Pencil - to draw out pattern

Step 2: Draw Out Your Design

1. Start by planning out what you want your design to look like. - I favored a geometric pattern for my piece. I drew the shape out in powerpoint.

2. Print and cut out your pattern - I printed out the design and cut out the places i wanted in the paper with the exacto knife

3. Trace design out on your canvas - I would recommend using a pencil so you can erase any extra lines at the end.

4. When you have completed tracing the design, remove your pattern

Step 3: Cut Out the Design

1. Now its time to use your exacto knife to cut out your design - be patient as you cut your design out. You can never be too careful.

NOTE: Double check to make sure you are cutting out the right thing before you make the cut. You can't magically piece canvas back together after making the wrong cut.

Optional: Add a background color

1. Add a background to you art piece - if desired, you can use cardstock to add a bold background color to your piece. If you get tired of the color don't worry you can change it.

2. Tape or glue background down - only use glue if you do not plan on changing out the background at some point

Step 4: Hang Your Art

Finally it is time to hang up your art piece for all to see.

I was really happy with how my design came out. It worked out to be a great addition to my craft room wall art.