Introduction: Cut Your Wii Remote Skin So It Fits With Your Nyko Charger

This is in case you want your Wii remote to have a skin and you want it to charge in the Nyko charger.
Might also work with other chargers.

Step 1: Get Materials

You will need:
Wii remote (Wiimote)
Wiimote skin
NYKO Wiimote charger
Exacto knife

Note: This might also work with other brands of chargers.
Also: If you mess up, I am not responsible, and if you mess up you can just buy a new skin.
And: Buy your skins on Ebay if you want them really cheap.

Step 2: For Lighter Colored Skins

Make sure you have the Nyko battery in the Wiimote, and the skin on.
Carefully, with an exacto knife, cut the skin along the edge of the battery pack, so that when you remove the cut off skin, the battery pack is the only part showing.

Note: Since the skin is a lighter color, you can see through the it.

Step 3: For Darker Colored Skins

Take out the battery pack (the entire thing) from the Wiimote.
Put the skin on.
Cut along using the contours as guides.
Take off the skin, put in the battery pack, and put the skin back on.

Step 4: Hooray, It Actually Charges!

Well it charges, and I think it actually fits better than it did without the skin.