Introduction: Cute Animals Made Out of Clay

So I will be showing you how to make really cute but easy to make animals.

Things you are gonna need:

1. Markers of any kind (I'm using Crayola super tips)

2. Clay (I'm using Crayola model magic)

3. Toothpick

4, Glue

5. brush

I will be making a unicorn and/ or a horse.

Step 1: Seperate Clay and Color Clay

For the unicorn, I am doing a pastel lilac color for the body, and for the hair violet, light blue, and fuchsia, last but not least for the horn a mixture of tan and orange-yellow.

For the Horse, I am doing a light orange color for the body, and for the hair pastel yellow, and red for headbands.

The way I put the marker on is ball the model magic and push with my thumb then put the marker over, and last mix.

Step 2: Shape Clay

You can shape the clay however you want. I shaped them standing up on all 4 legs, and for the hair, they have a ponytail and their tail is braided.

Step 3: Put Them Togther

First I brush glue on everything on the head. Then glue the head to the torso. Lastly, put the legs and tail on the torso. And you're done!!!

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