Introduction: Cute Clay Chocolate Cake

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hAi aGain i am going to show you how to make this clay chocolate cake.


white, brown, and one other color of your choice..

Step 1: Cake Inside/layers

take your brown clay a separate it into three chunks roll them into balls and flatten them into circles.

take a chunk and do the same as the brown with that chunk. kinda looks like two oreos stacked on top of eachother lol.

Step 2: Make the Icing

wrap the rest of your white around your cake to make icing.

Step 3: Topping

use the color of your choice (mine is peppermint color), and make a topping.

or just decorate however you want!

Step 4: Cut (and Serve LoL)

cut a slice out of your cake and then you are done!