Introduction: Make a Wrap Charm for Necklace Out of Clay!

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looks like a real wrap!

i hope you enjoy making this!


green clay, peach clay, red clay, and pink clay. and do not forget a little metal charm thingy

Step 1: Tortilla

Roll your peach clay into a ball, and flatten.

to make the tortilla.

Step 2: Lettuce

flatten out your green into another disk and place on top of tortilla for the lettuce

Step 3: Make the Ham

roll out the red into a skinny "worm" and flatten. then make the pink into a ham shape and wrap the red around the edges a shown, and stick on top of the lettuce that is on the tortilla.

Step 4: Roll It Up

roll up your clay wrap Yum! :)

Step 5: Add Little Metal Charm Thingy Lol

place the little metal charm thingy and then bake and wear!

Step 6: :)

thank you for participating in this project!