Introduction: Cute DIY Spa Day Kit

I made a super cute diy spa kit with a jar, string, bow, bell, and more!

Step 1: Picking the Right Size Jar / Cup

What you want to ask yourself when picking the jar is "How much space do i need" how much stuff your gonna put in there determines the right size cup. I picked a big cup that my mom uses when she goes jogging

Step 2: Making the Bow

You get a simple Black colored small bow (dosent have to be black) and You take string and you put the string through the top of the bell and tie a knot then move up and leave space and tie another knot. Once you've done that take your bow open it up and put the circle thats between the two knots and put it in the bow, and your done with the bow!

Step 3: Adding Stuff in Your Kit

Put whatever you think you would see at the spa in there! i put in Lotion wipes (vanilla and coconut smell) a Purple bath bomb, Perfume (nest fragrances) Prada Candy lotion, Caudalie Moisturizer, a hair clip and lip balm

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