Introduction: Cute Dress Created From Plastic Bags

Learn how to make a classy black and white dress. For free!! All you need are plastic bags and some common household appliances.

Step 1: Materials

You will need:

6-sheets of large black plastic bags
3-5-white colored grocery, plastic bags
1 iron
Large piece of paper, or a few newspapers
1 pen
A measuring tape
1 pair of Scissors
A 24 or longer piece of string, shoe laces work
A piece of paper or notebook to sketch on

Step 2: Sketches, Planning

Sketch out a design of what you would like your dress to look like. Also take measurements,to help you later when measureing and creating your pieces.

Step 3: Begining the White Top

Take the white plastic bags and cut them in half, so its only the white side of the bag, that  you retain. Afterwards layout newspapers on a flat surface. Lay out one one of the cutout white plastic bag, lay the rest on top of it. Making sure all the sides are as matching as possible, and flatting out the the bags as much as possible. Afterwards lay another newspaper on top of the white plastic bags and then use the iron. (make sure the iron is around 5 to 6) Do not let the iron stand for to long over the plastics, they melt easily

Step 4: Patter

After the pieces have been melted together, remove the newspapers from the top. fold the white melted plastic bags in half. draw the stencil of the top, like the image provided. Make sure where the top goes down in the middle is the side that is all ready together and not the ends. ( when you cut out items or draw them, remember to consider the extra you are going to need to melt pieces together.)

Step 5: Bottom and Back (black)

Now take three large plastic bags and begin by laying one on the newspapers, thereafter lay the other two ontop. Making sure to align all the bags on top of eachother and flattening any creases. Lay more newspaper over the bags and iron the bags. (This time turn the iron to 6-7, but as well do not leave for to long.) After fully melting the first plastic bags, remove and repeat the process with three other plastic bags.

Step 6: Middle Strip

For this middle strip, you may use any type of colored plastic bag you may like. Just melt it together, i just a pink plastic bag.

Step 7:

Cut out your outline on the white plastic bags. Next decide which side you would like to be your front for the white bags and the (pink) strip. Match the two ends up and melt them together, for a better example see images.

Step 8: Skirt Creases/design

Now  grab one of the large pieces of plastic bags you have already melted together, that you would like to be your front. It's hard to see in the image, but all you do is fold over the pieces, creating creases. Fold to your desire

Step 9: Connecting the Bottom and Top

Step 10: Fixing the Top

Cut slits on the top, on the stuff you'd like removed. Next fold those pieces back and iron them. This is to take away any ruff looking areas and shape the top part of your dress.

Step 11: Decor

This step is unnecessary but i wanted to add something else to my dress. I found a duck that i liked on a plastic bag and cut it out. I then laid it right on top of the dress, on the white part, I then laid newspaper and ironed it right on.

Step 12: Touching Up

Next iron any sides that are uneven or look bad. Next better draw out the top, I decided to cut off the straps

Step 13: Fixing Middle Piece

Next, at the sides fold over the (pink) middle piece, to add creases. Just like you did with  the black plastic for the  front part of the dress.

Step 14: The Back

Make sure the dress is turned inside out. Flip it to the back, and measure halfway. Cut a slit straight down about one third of the way. Taking one of the cut pieces, fold it over twice. On both sides,as seen on picture. Since it is harder to iron the smaller pieces, a shoe box or a box of some sort may help, by putting it under the pieces of plastic.

Step 15: Tie

Using a razor or scissors cut slits on the back pieces that you just folded back. Make sure it is far enough from the edge or it will rip. Then string through your string, zigzagged.

Step 16: Finishing Steps

Iron the bottom, to rid an rugged edges and to even it out. At the pit area of the top, cut it so that it fits more comfortable.

Step 17: Done!!

And now you are done!!! Enjoy your new dress!!!