Cute, Hand Stitched Hedgehog

Introduction: Cute, Hand Stitched Hedgehog

learn how to sew a cute small hedgehog!


- Felt; two shades of brown

- Scissors - Sewing needle

- Embroidery thread that matches your felt

- Pattern pieces (you can make your own based on the picture)

- Pillow stuffing

Step 1: Trace Your Pattern Pieces

- Place the pattern pieces on the felt (place your pattern pieces close together to minimize wasted material)

- Lightly trace the pieces with a pencil

Step 2: Cut Out Pattern Pieces

- Using sharp, material scissors, carefully cut out your pattern pieces

- Pattern Pieces include: 2 Body pieces ( these are the sides of the hedgehog's body),

1 Belly piece (this is the underside of your hedgehog),

2 Dark-coloured Quill pieces,

1 Light-coloured Quill piece

Step 3: Split the Embroidery Thread

- Grip three strands of thread and separate them from the skein

Step 4: Threading the Needle

- Tie a knot near the end of your thread

- Put the other end of the thread through the eye of your sewing needle

Step 5: Stitching the Body

- Place the two body pieces together

- Begin sewing at the rump of your hedgehog, stitching towards his face using Whip Stitch

- Now take the hedgehog's belly piece

- Match the edges of the belly piece to the unsewn edges of the body pieces

- Completely stitch along one of these sides

- Only stitch half of the other side -- leaving a hole to put the stuffing into

Step 6: Stuff Your Hedgehog

- Fill your hedgehog with Pillow Stuffing

- Stitch closed

Step 7: Face

- Stitch eyes in place using one stitch through each eye

- Stitch nose in place using one stitch

Step 8: First Quill Piece

- Choose one of the darker quill pieces

- Curve this piece over the body near the rump of your hedgehog

- Using Whip Stitch, stitch along the straight edge of the patten piece, leaving the jagged, spiky edge loose

Step 9: Second and Third Quill Pieces

- Choose the light coloured quill piece

- Place it slightly closer towards the hedgehog's face than your previous piece

- Using Whip Stitch, stitch along the straight edge of the pattern piece, leaving the jagged edge loose

- Now place the third, dark-coloured, quill piece near the hedgehog's face

- Using Whip Stitch, stitch along the straight edge of the pattern piece, leaving the jagged edge loose

Step 10: Done!

- Now you should have three alternating coloured quill pieces, slightly overlapping

Your Hedgehog is now complete!

Well Done!

Step 11:

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    Penolopy Bulnick
    Penolopy Bulnick

    2 years ago

    These hedgehogs are so cute!

    You should consider entering the Fiber Arts Contest :)


    Reply 2 years ago

    I think I will