Introduction: Cute Handmade Shell

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Hello, friends! The Instructable I’m going to offer you this time will, probably, appeal to children and young parents, who wish to create something special with their kids. At the same time, it can be a nice present for anyone you love, especially in case of the special occasion. This cute handmade shell is a perfect gift for your close friends and you can decorate it to your liking to give it the expected look. What’s more, you don’t have to look for the supplies somewhere in the shops or on the web, because the supplies this shell consists of are always at hand. So, let’s get started now! Hopefully, you will enjoy the process as much as I did when making this cute soft gift!

Step 1: Supplies

To craft such an amazing gift, you will need the following supplies:

  • Nylon stockings
  • Thick wire
  • A needle and beige threads
  • A few pieces of padding polyester
  • Adhesive tape (or a Scotch tape)

Step 2: Make a Base for the Shell

Take two pieces of thick wire (preferable, of white color) and bend them as shown on the photo. The sizes of these pieces may differ with regard to your needs and preferences. As soon as the base pieces are ready, fix their ends using the adhesive tape (or a Scotch tape).

Step 3: Attach the Base Pieces

As soon as the base pieces are ready, attach them to each other using the adhesive tape. Make sure the pieces are attached well enough to hold firmly. Otherwise, your shell may fall apart.

Step 4: Wind the Base of the Shell With Padding Polyester

Take a long piece of padding polyester and wind it around the base of your shell so that it becomes fluffy.

Step 5: Fill in the Blank Spaces

Now, it is high time to fill in the blank spaces using padding polyester. For this purpose, take a large piece of the material. This will simplify the process. If a part of the material cannot be attached properly, use the adhesive tape to fix it.

Step 6: Put the Nylon Stocking on the Base

Take the old nylon stocking and put it on the base you have just prepared. The stocking should be beige, but if you manage to find pink nylon stocking, this will give your shell natural look.

Step 7: Tie the Outside Edge of the Shell

Now, you should carefully tie up the outside edge of the shell. Make sure both parts of the shell are found close to each other.

Step 8: Form the Parts of the Shell

To give your shell the original shape, stitch it right in the middle of the base. Do not forget to hide the remaining part of the stocking in the center.

Step 9: Give Your Shell Natural Appeal

To make your shell look even more naturally, tie up the thread across the base as thoroughly as possible. Try to make the stitches look symmetric on both parts of the shell.

Step 10: Form the Edges of the Shell

To get symmetric edges, stitch them with the thread and tie the stitches a bit. Be very careful, because the nylon stocking is very easy to tear. That’s it! Your cute shell is now ready. You can give it any shape you like.

Step 11: Decorate the Shell

What you have to do now is to decorate the shell with the eyes, the pearl and the mouth. You can also add any decorative accessories you wish. This depends upon your idea and the materials you have at hand.

The whole process will not take it longer than 30-40 minutes. If you make this cute handmade shell with your kids, you may spend more time, but the result will definitely exceed your expectations. This is not to mention the excitement of your children! Good luck!