Introduction: Cute Heart Stuffed Dinner Rolls | Coconut Buns

This is going to be a perfect Valentine treat for ur loved ones. I already posted Thengai/Coconut bakery bun and Soft dinner rolls, so mixed these two recipes and came up with heart shaped dinner rolls/ soft buns with coconut filling. If you don’t like coconut can replace it with nuts too…This recipe is really a Healthy low fat version n pure Vegetarian too (See Note). Even I brushed with milk over the top of the buns. I have not added any eggs or butter. The Yogurt, Oil n Multigrain flour combo worked great n tasted good too. Here comes the recipe in detail

Step 1:


APF - 1 Cup + 1 or 2 Tbsp for kneading

Wheat flour/Multi Grain Flour - 1/2 Cup (I used Multi grain flour)

Active Rapid Dry Yeast - 1tsp

Thick Yogurt - 1/4 Cup

Milk - 1/2 Cup

Oil - 1 Tbsp

Salt - 1/2tsp each

Sugar - 1 n 1/2 Tbsp

For Filling

Sugar - 1/2 Cup

Shredded coconut - 1/2 Cup

Chopped Nuts (Almonds/Pista/Cashew/Walnuts) - 1/4 Cup

Tutti Frutti - 1/4 Cup  (Optional)

Oil - 1 n 1/2 Tbsp

•Chop the nuts to small bits.
•Heat oil n fry the nuts till golden brown, put off the stove and then add shredded coconut.
•When cooled down add sugar, tutti frutti and mix well.
•Keep it aside.

Method for Making bun
•To the warm milk, add yeast, sugar n salt, just mix it well n let it sits for 3mins.
•No need to wait for the mixture to ferment.
•Mix the flours (reserve 2 Tbsp for later use), make a well in center.
•Add yogurt at Room temp n yeast mixture to it.

Step 2:

•Mix it well to very smooth bit sticky dough (Pic 1).
•At last add oil, cover the dough n allow fermenting in warm place for atleast 1hr.
•After 1hr (Pic 2) punch the dough, u may need that 2tbsp of flour right now so mix and roll it to medium thin using parchment/wax paper or Ziploc bag (see Note 1).
•Use the heart shaped cookie cutter n make shapes (Pic 3).
•Place one layer in the cookie sheet or pan going to use for baking(Pic 3 - 1), top with coconut filling (Pic 3 - 2) and then seal it with another heart shaped layer (Pic 3 - 3) .
•You can make 3 layers too as shown in Pic 4.
•Don't need to seal the stuffing very well, if it is visible over the sides, wipe it off.
•Brush with milk and leave it aside for another 30mins to raise (Pic 4).
•After 30mins, again brush with milk and bake in preheated oven at 400° F for 12-15mins or till light golden brown (Pic 5).

•Serve hot with whipped cream/Juice as desired.

Step 3:

•I used parchment paper for rolling n showed the Ziploc bag rolling for ur convenience, if using Ziploc bag grease with few drops of oil before rolling.
•For frying nuts u may use butter/ghee too but I was very particular in making low fat dinner rolls this time.
•I used fresh coconut shredded at home, recently read an article that fat in coconut is very good for health, as all we know that coconut oil speeds up the healing process apart form that shredded coconut is rich in fibers n minerals.
•If using store bought sweet shredded coconut then additional sugar is not necessary.
•If like to stuff savory instead of sweet please check my potato peas stuffed dinner rolls here.
•If you want some butter flavor, add 2-3Tbsp softened butter while mixing the dough.
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