Introduction: Cute Little Ganesha Acrylic Painting by Sushumna

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A simple Ganesha painting in the entrance of your door can bring a nice look to your home and also gifting Ganesha would bring your family/friends Good luck, which translates into Health, Wealth, Happiness and Prosperity.

This Ganesha painting may interest you and take you a step ahead to paint Ganesha for your sweet home.

Materials Used:

§ Canvas board

§ Acrylic paints of your choice.

§ Brushes, Pencil/Pen for rough sketch.

Construction time: 60 to 90 mins

Step 1: Use a Pen/pencil to Draw an Outline Sketch of Your Desired Ganesha.

Step 2: For the Background, I Used Sky Blue Acrylic Paint. the Background Color Is Up for Your Choice. Choose a Color That Matches Your Taste.

Step 3: Paint Ganesha With Your Favorite Colors. I Used Red Color for His Clothing, Light Colors to His Skin, Gold Color to His Ornaments and Parrot Green and Yellow Color to His Bed.

Step 4: Finally Don’t Forget to Sign Your Painting. Create Your Brand!

Hope you like this simple and quick painting.

This was my gift to my Friend's Daughter as she loves Baby Ganesha so much.

Happy Holidays and Enjoy Painting!!!