Introduction: Cute Origami Flower

Follow steps for a cute origami flower!

Colors are flexible.

Step 1: Square Sheet of Paper

Step 2: Fold in Half

Step 3: Fold Into Square

Step 4: Open Flap Into Triangle

Step 5: Do the Same for the Other Side

Step 6: Fold Bottom Flaps Up to Top

Step 7: Do the Same on the Other Side, and Fold Flaps Over

Step 8: Like So

Step 9: Interlock Outer Flaps in the Middle. Do for Both Sides

Step 10: There Should Be a Hole at the Bottom That You Should Inflate With Your Breath.

Step 11: Fold Flaps Down to Make Petals

Step 12: Roll Up Another Piece of Paper and Insert to the Bottom Hole.

Step 13: Viola