Introduction: Cute and Comfy Tank-Top

A tank top that sits high and tight on the chest and flows out around the rest of the torso. Easy to make and extremely comfortable!

Step 1: Tools

2 different types of fabrics
a pair of scissors
measuring tape
thread and needle

Step 2: Top Section

1. measure around your torso, just above or at the middle of your breast. add an inch or two to this measurement to allow for mistakes and seams. Mark this out on your fabric as the length.

2. the width of the rectangle should be about six inches. Mark this out as well.

3. Cut out the rectangle and fold it in half with the good side of the fabric on the inside. Stitch the fabric together (I used a running backstitch) and then turn the tube right side out.

Step 3: Straps

1. try on the tube and measure from front to back how long you want to straps to be and mark it out on the same fabric for the top.

2. Mark a 4 inch width for the straps and then cut out.

3. Follow rule three for the top section on both of the straps.

Step 4: Bottom Half

1. Take your bust measurement from the previous step and add a few more inches. (I added 3). The more inches you add the more cinched the fabric wil be when you attach it to the top tube.

2. Mark out this measurement about 19 inches from the bottom of the fabric. (if you are using a t-shirt, make sure you cut off the hem of the shirt)

3. mark a diagnal line from the previously marked line to the hem of the shirt. (reference the picture). Cut out the fabric. You should have two pieces of the fabric now.

4. Put both good sides of the fabric facing each other and then stitch the pieces together on both sides. (Again I used a running back stitch)

5. Use a basting stitch (running stitch only knotted at one end) at the top of the fabric where you intend to attach the tube you made earlier.

Step 5: Putting It All Together

1. take the tub for the top and using a wipstich attach it to the bottom piece. Once attached you can pull out the basting stitch. The top should now have a gathered effect.

2. try on the top and pin the straps where you want them. Attach these to the top

3. Try on and edit as needed!