Introduction: Cute Cell Phone Accessories, Mobile Phone Charms

Prepare the Materials:

6 mm black agate round beads X3

6 mm jade Jadeite round beads X2

NO.72 Cords with 2 colors 40 inches (1 meter)

Others:Scissor, Measuring tapes ,lighter

Step 1:

Prepare a NO.72 red cord, fold it in half and start braiding bracelet with snake knot

Step 2:

Thread a black agate when it reach your desired length.

Step 3:

Take the other brown cord under the red cord. 

Step 4:

Start braiding bracelet with flat knot.

Step 5:

Thread 4 beads when you finished braiding. Thread the black beads on the black cord as feet and the green jadeite beads are threaded on the red cord as hands.

Step 6:

Tie an overhand knot in case the beads may slipped off.

Step 7:

Burn the ends of cord. Done it!

Step 8:

Author's Note: You can change the color and bead of the braided mobile phone chain as you wish, so that you can create many different items. It’s very cute, isn’t it?

Step 9: