Introduction: Cutting Frabjous With a Cricut

See my tutorial "Frabjous Paper Star" for instructions an assembling the Frabjous

Step 1:

Download the pent-swirl.svg from this tutorial.

Log in to your account.

Choose New Project.

Step 2: Upload File

Select the upload button on bottom of left side.

At the upload menu click on the Upload Image box outlined in green.

Drag into this menu, or Choose pent-swirl.svg and save.

Step 3: Build Your Page

Select this file from your recently uploaded images.

Step 4: Opps! Why Is My Screen Empty?

Don’t panic, it just imported oversized and off screen. (Often happens with some .svg files)

We can fix this!

You can't see the art, but the select all button will allow you select it anyway, so click the Select All box.

Step 5: Select All

After you click on the Select All button open the Size, Rotate and Position menu.

and if you don’t see this menu, then click on More.

Notice the size is stupidly large and it is positioned somewhere off your screen.

Step 6: Change Width and Position

Change the W to 11 and if the lock is on, the height will set itself.

Change the position to x=0 and y=0

Step 7: Success! Now You Have Ungroup Them All

The blue lines need to be set to score. But before you can do that you need to ungroup the image.

First "ungroup" will separate the swirl from the pentagons. Then ungroup the pentagons.

If you click on any part of the image and the ungroup option shows at top of the layer menu, then use it.

Step 8: Set the Line Type to Score

The line on the red shape has been selected, and under the Linetype pull down, choose score.

You might need to zoom in in order to be able to select just the line and not the shape.

Notice several lines on the red pentagon appear to be dashed line that is because I have already set those lines to be score lines.

Step 9: Attach Score Lines to Their Correct Shapes

Highlight the complete shape and look for the attach button in lower right corner.

Do this for the other red shape as well as for the pink swirl.

15 lines need to be attached to each of the red shapes. Only 2 are attached to the pink swirl.

Step 10: Cut the Red Mat

Save your file and go to Make It. (green box in upper right corner)

With the red mat selected, click on continue.

At the next screen choose your material (I used Cardstock+ on the holographic paper sheets that I cut from a Dollar Tree gift bag)

You will only need to cut 1 copy of the red mat.

Step 11: Cut the Swirls

I personally find that if I try to cut too many smallish objects in DS, that my paper will almost always rip or buckle up. So as to not waste an entire sheet of paper I will cut several mats of a smaller amount. So set project copies to 10, or if brave go for the required 30.

When you change the number to cut (top left) it will create LOTS of red mats. Ignore them! Just scroll down to the pink mat at the bottom. Select it and cut. (reselect it 2 more times - to get the require 30 pieces.)