Introduction: Cutting Your Dogs Nails From Home


Dog toe nails clippers (appropriate to size of dog)

Styptic powder (can substitute with flower or corn starch)

Another person to help assist

Step 1:

Gather all supplies around area where you will be cutting your dog’s nails. Have another person hold the dog and hold out the leg of which foot you want to do first.

Step 2:

Grab the paw and push down a little bit in the middle to extract the nails to their fullest extent.

Step 3:

When you turn the paw upside down and see where the nail start to sharpen that’s where you should cut. Start out cutting away the very least and then work your way shorter.

Step 4:

Work your way around to each nail and don’t forget the dewclaw!

Step 5:

If you cut to short and the nails starts the bleed that’s when the styptic powder will come into play. You will just scope a little bit up onto your finger and dab it onto the bleeding nail. You can substitute the styptic power with flower or corn starch.

Step 6:

Repeat this every two to four weeks depending on how fast the nails grow!

Step 7: