Introduction: Cutting the Cord, in a Bad Way, How to Fix a Bad Power Cord.

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Well, Accidents happen. Some are very dramatic and make lots of Sparks, make smoke and pop a circuit breaker. While working on another Instructable, I happened to cut the power cord on my 4" Grinder.

Here is how I fix things like this. It's something every, and I mean EVERY home owner should know how to do.

For real, cords get cut, frayed, blown, destroyed. Fixing them is imperative. You cannot just toss a $60 grinder because the cord was cut. We fix things. It's what we do, And we never pay anyone to do it.


Not to preach, but this is a tool every Home Owner, Aspiring Handy Person, General Tinker Should have and you will need for this project:

I will wait until you get back from the orange store....

You need heat shrink tube, a source of heat to shrink said tube and water proof heat shrink butt splices. See picture and description in the little box things that are hard to locate properly and I wish Instructables would allow us to move them around once we create them.

Step 1: Strip the Outer Insulation, 1"

Step 2: I Mean, the FIber Reinforcement on This Cord Was Out of Control. Clean This Up.

Seriously, most cords have a white fiber reinforcement, this was like an old school lawn chair.

Step 3: Strip the Line and Neutral Back ~ 1/4", Both Ends

Step 4: Put on 2, Yes 2, Full Size Pieces of Your Heat Shrink Tubes

Slide them far away from where you are working with heat.

Step 5: Add Your Butt Spleces

Crimp as shown, then apply the heat gun to seal them up.

Neutral and line

Step 6: Slide the First Heat Shrink Tube Down and Then Apply Heat.

Step 7: Rinse and Repeat

Always double up the heat shrink tube in applications like this. It will provide some extra wear capabilities in your cord and you won't have to use electrical tape. We don't use electrical tape, we are serious "do it your selfers".

Step 8: Plug It Up, Hit the Trigger, It Works Your in Business!!!

Step 9: Wrap It Up and Put It on the Shelf Until You Need to Cut Something the Next Time.

SO, there you have it. Simple, but you need to have the stock pile of tools and materials on hand to make the fix. Be prepared and be independent. .

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