Introduction: Cyberman Mark IV Mask

This year I was invited to my first Halloween Party. Obviously, I had to wear something special.

I wanted my costume to be made from recycled stuff, representing a character from Doctor Who. So I choose a Cyberman from "The Invasion": I love their masks and retro look, and people who had never watched the TV series could think I was dressed as a robot (and that's exactly what happened...

Unfortunately I didn't have the camera to take pictures while I was making it, but I wanted to share the idea anyway.

The materials are newspapers, glue, cardboard, some string (I had to sew the side pieces to the head to keep them in place), masking tape, wires, scissors, cutter, spray paint and some plastic bags.

I know it's far from perfect: the side wires were supposed to be covered in plastic and duct tape, but I didn't have enough time to do that, the teardrops at the sides of the eyes are too small to be easy visibles, and in some parts the paper is peeling. But I still love it.

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