Introduction: Cyberpunk Book Nook

I decided to jump into the book nook shelf insert craze and design something in one of my favorite themes: Dystopian future cyberpunk.


Laser cutter

action figures you are willing to destroy


lights and a small controller

Step 1: Cut the Part on Laser Cutter


SVG included.

designed for 1 sheet of 12" by 24" by 3mm baltic birch plywood

Step 2: Find Some Figures and Props, Take Them Apart.

I found some action figures at the dollar store that were perfect. 2 easily removed screws and their limbs fell out. What was even better is despite the packaging being identical there was some variation in the figures. After that I went to 5 below and found some of the characters no kids wanted but were much higher quality and harder to disassemble. I did get some nice props to "kit bash" with.

Step 3: Detail.

  1. paint the parts, add grafitti or any other touches you want
  2. glue in place some of the smaller parts like steps and awnings.
  3. print decals on sticker paper
  4. glue the limbs to the racks

Step 4: Add Lights.

  1. get a small controller from Adafruit or DFRobot or similar. an Arduino Nano is perfect. Make sure you can easily provide power to it through USB
  2. get at least 5 individual neopixels
  3. wire them together and to the controller, I put the controller behind the back door.
  4. test the lights
  5. glue all the lights in place with some slack to assemble the walls, due to the theme exposed wires are ok.
  6. test the lights

Adafruit has great tutorials on how to get started with a small controller and neopixels. detailing here would be more steps than the parent project.

Step 5: Assemble

glue it all together.

I used electrical tape to temporarily hold things together while glue dries., painters tape or scotch tape would work well also.

Run a long usb cable to a usb hub for power

put it in your shelf and enjoy