Introduction: D4E1 Tray Help

Hendrik is a cheerful man who is positive in life despite his illness Multiple Sclerose. His personal life depends on the actions of his wife. His wife does almost everything for him, but Hendrik would like to do one thing independently. He wants to move a tray with his food all by himself on his rollator. But his illness makes it difficult to safely move a tray… He has malfunctions in the lower limbs and decreased muscle strength in the upper arms. He has also a tremor.

We wanted to make his wish come true, so we worked together with a creator. We did some brainstorming and developed prototypes in cardboard.

This instructable will explain how we made the final product for Hendrik. We want to call this aid 'The Hendrik'.

It’s easy to make it yourself, we will explain every step to make it.

Step 1: 3D Print the Fixation Brackets

    Before you start with the printing proces, you need to make sure that the distance between the two panels is 42 inches. The rollator from Hendrik is a Tiama rollator, when you use 5 mm thick material for the panels there is 42 cm between them. If the distance is bigger or smaller than 42 cm, you need to adapt the fixation brackets.

    1. Open the STL file with the program named Slic3r:
    2. Use the standard settings and 20% of the material u use
    3. Export the G-code
    4. Use the file with the G-code to control the 3D printer
    5. Check if you have 8 components/parts of the fixation brackets after the 3D printing

    Step 2: Lasercut the Supporting Panels

    1. Use the pdf-file to lasercut the panels
    2. Select the lasercutter as printer
    3. Use 5 mm thick material (you are free to choose which material, there is one condition: it must be strong!)
    4. Use the standard settings from the lasercutter
    5. Start the lasercutting

    Step 3: Buy a Tray

    We bought a red tray for Hendrik, this is the URL:

    Step 4: Put It All Together

    We used:

    • Low round head screws
    • Lock nut
    • A piece of an inner tube

    You will see in the description what we all needed (in Dutch) to put it together.

    Step 5: Use the Tool!

    You can use the device whenever you want, where you are going, …

    Make it functional in your daily life! :)