Introduction: DC Motor Mount

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I made this motor mount for my friends project

here is her blog link:

Step 1: Measure Dimensions

Use a caliper to measure dimensions.

If you can find access the data sheet, the dimensions will be listed there as well.

but i found this motor a while back, so i couldnt find it

Step 2: Design on Fusion 360

I design the model on Autodesk Fusion 360, starting from the fitting part, then adding the support and mounting structure. I designed the mounting hole to fit M3 screws. i also designed the support because it snap of easier than generated support, also the bottom side will look better

Step 3: Pre-printing: Slicer

Use any slicer that works for your printer
in my case, I'm using a ultimaker printer, so I use cura to prepare the print file.

I designed the support for the vertical mount, so no need to select support.

Step 4: Print! Files Available on Thingiverse

The support comes right off with little effort.

Gumroad page:

Thingiverse page: