Introduction: D&D Dice Fridge Magnets

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Dice are a common device in many board games. Resembling the platonic solids, dice that deviate from the standard 6 sided cube have become an icon of board games; especially the classic, dungeons and dragons. Any serious D&D player will keep, and likely cherish, their own set of multifaceted dice.

I decided to create a set of fridge magnets from an assortment of dice I had left over from a bulk order. All you need to make your own are some magnets, epoxy glue, and a drill. This project was super easy and I managed to make ten cool little magnets in less than half an hour!

You will need:

Dice - I ordered a multi-pack from ebay.

Magnets - Neodymium magnets from ebay are fairly cheap, I ordered a pack of 10 5mm diameter x 3mm thick.

Epoxy Glue - Gorilla Glue 2 part epoxy works well.

Drill - I used a hand held drill driver but a drill press would be better if you have one.

Step 1: Drill

I used a vice to hold the dice still, but some of the more awkward shaped dice I held down by hand and found that it wasn't too difficult to drill them all this way.

The drill bit I used was intended for wood but it worked well on plastic too. The diameter of the drill bit was slightly larger than the diameter of the magnets. I used a piece of tape on the drill bit to mark the depth to which I should drill. This is where a drill press would be useful as you could set the depth to drill exactly 3mm down.

Step 2: Glue

Once I had drilled out enough plastic for the magnets to sit snugly in the dice, I glued them in place.

I mixed the 2 part epoxy glue on a piece of scrap wood and applied a little to the dice holes. I found the best method was to apply using a toothpick and then insert the magnet. Once inserted, wipe away any "squeeze out" using some kitchen towel or a rag. Leave them to dry for at least 2 hours before testing them out. You need to be sure the glue has fully dried before testing them as attempting to remove them from a magnetic surface while the glue is wet will result in the magnet being pulled out.

Step 3: Enjoy

Thank you for reading this very simple and short Instructable :D I hope you have fun making your own dice fridge magnets!

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