Introduction: DEATH STAULKER

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with the death staulker you can shoot people fron a long ways away and strike fer in the enemy with the death staulker. this is my 1st instructable and it is awsome!!! 

Step 1: Pieces

the pices youl need.....

Step 2:

youl need 2 side adapter pieces

Step 3:

hook the piece on the other piece ( make shoure that the studs face the  same way )

Step 4:

conect the cilender piece to the back of the side adapter

Step 5:

add a 1x1 stud curculer piece to the top piece

Step 6:

add a roof tile to the surcl piece

Step 7:

add the duble studed piece under the cilinder

Step 8:

add 2 antena pices in an angle to each side of the modl

Step 9:

get the flick fire missal bady

Step 10:

pot a tecnik piece on the nek

Step 11:

add a smaler teknik piece to the neck

Step 12:

add the light saber body to the end of the baral

Step 13:

conect the baral to the gun

Step 14:

add a nosl piece to the gun

Step 15:

add the 1x1 surculer stud to the nosel

Step 16: Finall Step!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and finally add the roof tisle to the 1x1 surculer stud piece to creat the night staulker