Introduction: DEATH STAULKER

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with the death staulker you can shoot people fron a long ways away and strike fer in the enemy with the death staulker. this is my 1st instructable and it is awsome!!! 

Step 1: Pieces

the pices youl need.....

Step 2:

youl need 2 side adapter pieces

Step 3:

hook the piece on the other piece ( make shoure that the studs face the  same way )

Step 4:

conect the cilender piece to the back of the side adapter

Step 5:

add a 1x1 stud curculer piece to the top piece

Step 6:

add a roof tile to the surcl piece

Step 7:

add the duble studed piece under the cilinder

Step 8:

add 2 antena pices in an angle to each side of the modl

Step 9:

get the flick fire missal bady

Step 10:

pot a tecnik piece on the nek

Step 11:

add a smaler teknik piece to the neck

Step 12:

add the light saber body to the end of the baral

Step 13:

conect the baral to the gun

Step 14:

add a nosl piece to the gun

Step 15:

add the 1x1 surculer stud to the nosel

Step 16: Finall Step!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and finally add the roof tisle to the 1x1 surculer stud piece to creat the night staulker

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    Reply 12 years ago on Introduction

    thanks did you win or did you lose cuz i think youl win with this sniper rifle


    12 years ago on Introduction

    i'm making a massive lego war in my room and this will go great with it


    12 years ago on Introduction

    Not really. Did you read the tips that you said you read before you posted the instructable? Things like clear pictures and clear, step by step worded instructions make a good instructable. You need to work on this more before it's ready for publishing.