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Ever since their sweet come back was the 15th of july I bought a box of twinkies and at first I was gonna save them for a rainy day but after watching a show on food network that featured them “fried” I figured I give it a try.... So after researching this best way to to fry them I looked for a batter recipe and  found that pancake mix would work as batter and according to  the (Batter recipe) instructions

heat deep fryer or sauce pan of oil  to 350 degrees F 
Mix up batter to a runny consistency insert Popsicle stick or tooth pick into one end of the Twinkie  dust Twinkie in flour (I used dry pancake mix) roll or dunk Twinkie in batter, place battered Twinkie in hot oil, use tongs  to push them down or just fry one  side the rotate and fry the  other. Remove  when golden brown, place on a paper toweled plate , remove Popsicle stick or toothpick let stand for 5 mins. Dust with powdered sugar , chocolate syrup 

Pic 1 Twinkies
Pic  2 Mixed Batter
Pic  3 dusting
Pic  4 Frying one up
Pic  5 Finished with Powdered Sugar on top
Pic  6 cut open