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I made this jig to safely round over small disk game pieces in my ROYAL GAME OF UR Instructable. I really think it deserves its own Instructable. I have 36 stitches in my wrist from momentarily losing concentration while working with a router. It is called an ACCIDENT. And accidents do happen. They are not called On Purposes. My brother lost most of the fingers on his right hand in a radial arm saw accident. They were able to reattach all but one. He says he can no longer point with that hand --and usually adds: or pick his nose. But that is TMI.


I used a piece of scrap from my lumber cart. It was 3/4" x 4 1/2" x 10 1/2" of some sort of hardboard or composite board or pressboard. Whatevah!

Step 2: TOOLS

I only used a few tools for this jig. The miter saw and router table and the drill press. Oh, I used the square to mark the 45s.

Step 3: THE JIG

Drill a hole larger than your router bit. Mark an opening SMALLER than the diameter of the disk you will be routing. This will prevent the disk from being sucked into the router blade along with your finger. Use a square and mark 45° lines emanating from the hole. Clamp the jig securely in place to prevent it from moving. Set the bit bearing to the CENTER of the disk. Route one edge of the disk, flip it over and route the other. Sand.


With a bit of sanding, you should get a nicely finished piece.


As usual, all questions answered, all comments appreciated.