Introduction: DIY 2 in 1 Board Game (O-Sheep-Thello and Locked Up) Made With Tinkercad

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Are you tempted to create your own game the way you wanted most? Have you ever played Othello (Reversi) game? It is very boring to have the game that have round shapes and color only white and black. Moreover, I add one more game for this project, so it is not boring and make you happy to play. This project requires a 3D Printer, but if you do not have one, have other printing service to print it for you, such as Shapeways and Tinkercad.

No further ado, let's start this project.

To make the game by yourself, here are the materials that are needed.

To download the game, click my Thingiverse.



3D and 2D Printer

3D Slicer Software

PLA Filament (Blue, Yellow, wood, white, and red)

Spray Paints (Silver, Blue, red and black)

Acrylic paint (blue and red)

Paint Brush


Hot glue

Paper and Paper glue

Black Sharpie Marker

Step 1: O-Sheep-Thello Game

Othello or Reversi game is an 8x8 uncheckered board that is played by two people and is invented in 1883. For more information, click here. Here in this instructable, I modify the game into 6 x 6 board with the game pieces in the shape of Sheep's head. The goal of this game is very simple. The winner is the player who gets the most number of color on the board.

Here is my design in Tinkercad:

Here is my video: (somehow when I want to add the video, it won't allow me to do it (there is an error occurring. So I give you this link instead).

Step 2: Game Base- Pt. 1

For game base, use box and fillet the edges so it is not sharp. Make list to make the game base prettier by using box and duplicate it to each side. Group them together.

Step 3: Game Base- Pt. 2

Make box for making hole. Copy and paste 6 times so you have 7 holes. Grab all the holes. Duplicate 90 degrees. This is for making the grid. Group them together with the base. Bevel each corner of the base by using metafillet. Group them.

Step 4: Game Pieces- Pt 1

Usually, Othello (reversi game) uses circle as the game pieces. The colors are white and black. For creatively, this time, I made the game pieces in the shape of Sheep's head with the color of yellow and blue. To make it, draw Sheep head on a paper. Color it with black marker. Make sure the background is white. Take a picture of it and save it into your computer in jpg/png file. There is another way to obtain sheep head by searching on google. I use this link. Save it to jpg file. Print and color it black by using black Sharpie marker. Take a picture and transfer it on your computer. Convert it into svg file. Click here for the convert website.

Step 5: Game Pieces- Pt 2

Import the .svg file to Tinkercad. Change the center on to art and scale to 25. Then, click import.

Step 6: Game Pieces- Pt 3

Resize the game pieces with the size of your grid. Because my grid's size is 2.5 x 2.5 cm, I resize the game pieces into 2.5 x 2.5 cm. Copy and duplicate it until you have 36 pieces.

Step 7: Printing and Assemble

Save the base to .stl file and print it. Open Dremel Digilab 3D slicer. Choose profile: high speed, Infill: 20%, and build plate adhesion: yes, with no support.

Because the game base is too large to print in once, I divided it into two. Glue it.

Print the pieces, too. Choose profile: medium quality, Infill: 20%, and build plate adhesion: yes, with no support.

I print them into two batches, so in 1 printing, I print 18 Sheep game pieces. This is essential. To make one game pieces, you will need 2 colors in printing, so you do not have to glue one by one. It is very exhausting to glue them. Therefore, you need to make sure how long does it take to print and divide the time by 2. After that, change the filament. For example, printing 1 piece takes 10 minutes, so when the printing is only 5 minutes left; change the color of the filament.

Step 8: Box Container for Game Pieces

To organize the game pieces, make the container out of cardboard with dimension:

Length: 13 cm

Width: 8 cm

Height: 3 cm

Cover the box with white paper for all the surfaces (outside and inside). To make prettier and tidier, print some of sheep head, print and glue it on the box surface.

Step 9: How to Play

At the beginning of game, in the middle of the game board, there are 4 pieces, which are 2 blue and 2 yellow. Yellow moves first. Try to get opponent pieces by turning over the game pieces into your color. It can be arrange horizontally, vertically, or diagonally, when your pieces surround your opponent's pieces. Then, turn it over to your color. Do it until you have no more spaces left on the board. Count the pieces. The winner is the player who gets the most number of color on the board.

You can play it online, too. Click here to play.

Step 10: Locked Up

This game includes 1 game base, 1 silver car (thief), 6 police cars, and 4 red buildings. For the game base, I used the same base as previous. The goal for this game is simple. The police should block all the path of road until the silver car caught up. All pieces should be used and all grids should be filled.

Here is my Tinkercad design:

Here is my video:

Step 11: Police Car and Silver Car

To create the police car and silver car (for thief), use some boxes for the body and cylinders for the wheels. Group them together. Scale it until its measure is reasonable with the grid. Please remember that one grid's scale is 2.5 x 2.5 cm, so the car should be in the same scale, too. For scaling, see the pictures. Duplicate the car until you get 6 for police cars and 1 for silver car (thief). Make the road base for the car by using box and metafillet for beveling the road. Place the car on the road base and group them. The positions of the car are varying. See the pictures for more details.

Step 12: Buildings

Next, begin to make the buildings. Keep repeating in making the building as previous step. This time, grab boxes to create some buildings as you desire. Add some details to the building, such as use cylinder to create chimney. Place the building on the base and group them. The most important is the model of the building base. See the pictures for more clarification.

Step 13: Printing and Attaching Some Details

Save all the cars and building to .stl file and print it. Open Dremel Digilab 3D slicer. Choose profile: medium quality, Infill: 20%, and build plate adhesion: yes, with no support.

For making the game attractive, paint the police cars and the thief car. I use some spray paints and paint brushes. See the final result for painting in the attached pictures. Also, add some details of windows for the buildings by printing in paper. Cut it and glue the printed windows to the building.

Step 14: How to Play

To play the locked up game, here are some challenges and solutions. Also, I uploaded the pdf file for more convenient.

First, choose a challenge. Place all the game pieces as shown in the challenge that you select. Place the police cars to block the silver car. All grids have to be filled and all the game pieces must be used and fit the game base. You cannot have an open space where the silver car can escape. Finally, you complete the challenge. There is only 1 solution for each challenge. If you are stuck, you can see the solution as well. Here I upload 1 challenge for the game and how to play it correctly and wrongly. But I have 20 challenges in all. You can see all the 20 challenges in uploaded pdf files. Just download it. And for the solution, I do not upload the pictures, instead I upload it in pdf files, too, so you become curious about the challenges. You have to download it, too if you are stuck with the challenge.

Step 15: Challenges and Solutions

Here I upload challenges and solution for this game in .pdf files. Feel free to download it.

Step 16: Final Result

Here are the results for DIY 2 in 1 Game

Happy playing and enjoy! Please share with me if you have another challenge to add. Thank you for reading my instructables.

P.S. Safety Disclaimer:
Warning : Choking Hazard This toy consists of small parts that are not suitable for children under 3 years old.

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