Introduction: DIY $200 Robotic Hand - Part 2: the Controller - Arduino Project

I designed and built this robotic hand and the controller for less than $200.  The fingers and thumb are controlled by servo motors.  The first video shows the hand in action.  The second video shows how to make the controller.

Visit my website for an Arduino sketch to make it all work:

Here is Part 1:  DIY $200 Robotic Hand Part 1: The Hand

Parts you will need for the controller:
1 spool SpiderWire fishing line (used in Part 1)
1 short piece of small diameter rope (1/8" diameter or so)
1 sheet of Lexan 8" x 10" (you will also need the leftover piece from Part 1) (Home Depot)
4 potentiometers
4 potentiometer knobs
1 Ethernet cable
1 rubber grommet
2 zip ties
6 long break-away male headers
4 fishing weights
6 1/2" snap studs (Fabric store or Tandy Leather Factory)
6  2" L x 1/2" ID x 15/16" OD   #10-24 eye bolts (Eye Bolt Assortment from Harbor Freight Tools)
some of the bicycle chain used in part 1
1 small ball bearing (5/16" x 1/8")
3  #10-24 x 1" L machine screws (Stove Bolt Assortment from Harbor Freight Tools)
1  #10-24 x 3/4" L machine screw (Stove Bolt Assortment from Harbor Freight Tools)
1  #10-24 x 1/2" L machine screw (Stove Bolt Assortment from Harbor Freight Tools)
4 #6-32 x 1/2" L machine screws (Home Depot)
1 #6-32 x 1" L machine screw (Home Depot)
7 #6-32 nuts
49 #10-24 nuts  (Stove Bolt Assortment from Harbor Freight Tools)
33 washers 1/2" OD (Home Depot)
13 extension springs  (A 200pc. Spring Assortment from Harbor Freight Tools had all the springs I needed for the hand and the controller)
2 small 'D-Rings with clip'  (Tandy Leather Factory)
3 ft angled aluminum (I used 7/8" x 1/2"  - this exact size is not important)  (Lowes has something similar)
optional:  1 handle (I used a handle from a slingshot, and a 1" stack of washers)

Note: If you want to make things a lot easier for yourself, use flex sensors (I used potentiometers because I had them)  The only advantage of this design is that you could easily add force feedback.

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