How to Make the World's Strongest Rope




Introduction: How to Make the World's Strongest Rope

How to make Rope using Dyneema fibers, and where to easily get the fibers.  It's as strong as steel cable the same size, but 8 times lighter!  And it floats!
I use this rope in my DIY $200 Robotic Hand - Arduino Project Instructable:

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Oh cool. I have experience using Dyneema on a sailboat I used to race on. Very strong stuff, indeed! We used it for many things, including as halyards and backstays. I've seen my brother (an avid fisherman) using SpiderWire fishing line, but I never knew it was the same material.

    Your way of making laid rope is similar to another way I've seen it done, where the strands are rolled on your lap, but that has problems with slipping. Thanks for showing a different (and perhaps more reliable) way to do it.