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Introduction: DIY 3-D Painting

The first 3-D movie that I saw in the cinema was "Iron Man 3". The exemplary 3-D effect in the movie attracted me towards the 3-D films. I always imagined how these movies are given a 3-D effect and how the filmmakers are able to play with our senses and create a magical experience which makes us think that all the stuff in the movie is actually happening before us.

Few months back I again saw a 3-D image but it was a bit different. It was a portrait made by a painter who was well known for his 3-D paintings. The painter plays with our senses to give us a false image of the object. The painter used the 3 dimensions in paper to give us an illusion of the abstract idea.

After continuous observation I was ready to create my own 3-D painting. But I decided to start with something easy. So I started with the most easy illusion effect i.e. creating depth in the image by use of curved lines.

In this Instructable I will teach a very easy and effective method to make 3-D paintings!!

Step 1: Make the Pattern

Put your palm on a sheet (you can select any sheet based on your requirement) and with the help of a pencil trace it on the sheet.

Step 2: Tracing Completed

After tracing the hand you will find some rough edges or errors. Remove them to get the perfect shape of the palm.

Step 3: Drawing Starts !

Draw straight lines on the sheet. Leave the palm blank , we'll fill it later. Use a series of colours to make the lines. Like I used Red, Violet, Dark Green , Orange, Light Blue & Light Green. Fill the whole sheet with them.

Step 4: Filling the Blank Space

Fill the blank space with the same colour series but with curved lines. Also, make sure that the lines must match with each other.

And your 3-D painting is ready!!.

Look it closely and you will see a 3-D hand on the sheet.

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