Introduction: DIY 5-Minute Self-Watering Planter

I do not have a green thumb, and you may have clicked on this because maybe you don't have one either but just want to grow something. Great! It literally requires no attention except for adding water every couple of days. Don't worry about how much water, the plant will suck up as much as it needs.

Step 1: Materials

You're going to need some basic materials. If you are a kid get an adult to help you cut.

1. Plastic water bottle

2. Box cutter

3. Seeds,

4. Water

5. Soil

6. 4 Tissues(2-ply)

Step 2: Cut the Bottle

Cut the bottle directly in half. Get an adult to help you if you are a kid.

Step 3: Fold the Tissues

Fold the tissues a couple times until it looks like this. Do this to all 4 tissues.

Step 4: More Assembly

Place the tissues into the bottle as shown.

Step 5: Add Soil

Place the top half of the bottle in the bottom half of the bottle. Fill the top with soil.

Step 6: Pour Water

Pour water through the top to saturate the soil. When you refill, make sure you pour it in the bottom half.

Step 7: Add Seeds

Add the seeds of your choice. I chose california poppy.

Step 8: Done!

You can enjoy some flowers(or whatever plant you planted) without all the hard work! Make sure to refill the water tank every once in a while. Now you have a slightly green thumb, right? =)

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