Introduction: DIY Christmas Gifts - Themed Kits

This past Christmas, 2017, I gave my family "themed kits" for Christmas and they loved it. The best thing about this gift is it's completely customizable the way you want it. You can create any kind of kit you want, but I'm going to give some examples with pictures of ones that I gave my family and I'm also going to give some new ideas I was thinking about trying. The best thing about this is you can put whatever you want in the kit and make it a creative gift. Let's get started!

NOTE: I had made some custom graphics for each but my printer wasn't functioning properly, so I decided to make my own for some of them. If you would like the graphics they will be included in a link at the end of the Instructable.

Step 1: The Ice Cream Kit

This one I gave to my sister and she was thrilled to get it, especially since she loves candy. I did get the cover to print for this one but not the instruction card.

What was included: Instruction card(Check bottom of instructable for graphics, or look at the image), 8 bowls, 2 containers of M&M's, 2 containers of Nilla Wafers, 2 containers of Gummy Worms, 6 serving spoons, 8 eating spoons, and 8 napkins. The ice cream instructions were included on the instruction card.

The gummy worms, nilla wafers, and m&m's were all from walgreens and everything else was from around my house.

I crushed up about 20 nilla wafers and poured them into two containers that were pretty small. I also only bought one package of M&M's and it only filled up on container, so I'd recommend using two.

What you should buy: 8 bowls, 8 eating spoons, 8 napkins, 6 serving spoons(for toppings), one package of Nilla Wafers, one medium package of gummy worms, and two packages of M&M's.

NOTE: I messed up on the instruction card. You are supposed to whip the cream and then add the milk.

Step 2: The Relaxation Kit/Spa Kit

This one was for my mom and it was probably the most fun to put together. My mom likes massages and spas so I though I would make a Spa Kit.

What was included: One information card, One Mediterranean Eden lotion bottle, One container of sugar scrubs(2:1 ratio of sugar:oil(avocado, olive, coconut, etc), one homemade soap, two biorepublic face masks, one formula X nail polish, a set of candles + matches, two Paya soap bars, and a bundle of rosemary.

The lotion was from Walgreens, the sugar scrub was homemade, the facemasks and the nail polish were from a makeup kit, the Paya soap bars were from a hotel, and the rosemary was from our backyard.

What to buy: Lotion(I got an 8.4 fl oz bottle), soaps, facemasks(I'd recommend biorepublic), nail polish, and rosemary if you don't have it.

Graphics for this will be at the bottom of the instructable.

Step 3: The Hot Chocolate Kit

This one was for my dad especially since he likes hot chocolate. I got the info card to print but not the cover.

What was included: 8 hot chocolate packets(1 tbsp cocoa powder, 1 2/3 tbsp(1 tbsp = 3 tsp) sugar), 4 candy canes, two containers of peppermint pieces, 24 marshmallows, and an info card.

Everything was from my house except for the candy canes, peppermint pieces(crushed up candy canes), and the marshmallows.

What to buy: 8 candy canes, a bag of jumbo marshmallows.

This one is probably the simplest out of everything. Graphics will be at the bottom.

Step 4: Graphics

Here are all the graphics in case you want them: (No, it's not a spam link I just used

You can also just save the images above but it's probably not going to be very high quality. The little icons are for the ice cream kit and are labels for the different toppings.

However, I do recommend that you make your own since 1) it gives a sense of originality and creativity and 2) the contents mentioned might not be the same that you put in your kit.

Step 5: Last Thoughts

Those are the three kits I gave to my family and they loved it. Some other ideas could be a popcorn kit with different flavorings, a pocket-sized art kit, or, if you have a maker in your family, then you could give them a maker kit with a breadboard, jumper wires, leds, batteries, and things like that.

If you made one, please share it with everyone in the comments! Can't wait to hear what you made!

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