Introduction: DIY $50 Concrete Kamado Smoker

The Big Green Egg costs over $1,000. You can build this Concrete Kamado Smoker for $50 in Five minutes with NO Tools! It works incredibly well. See results above.

Please click on the video, above, to see the complete build and smoke, or read the step-by-steps below.

Step 1: Parts and Paint


4 Standard concrete blocks

15 half concrete blocks

can of black spray paint

meat thermometer

10"x14" tile

11"x16" grate

24"x24" plywood

Paint the wood black for style and weatherproofing.

Step 2: Blocks

Build as follows: (Each line of instruction matches one picture above.)

- 3 big blocks for bottom

- 1 big block in front and 3 half blocks form the second layer. Sides are two half blocks stacked.

- 4 bricks in corners

- tile centered on bricks

- 4 more half blocks

- grate

4 more half blocks

2 half blocks on very front and wood on top.

Step 3: Thermometer

I promised no tool, so you can simply slide your thermometer in the front edge and it will work fine.

If you can get your hands on a drill and a 1/8th inch bit, drill a hole in the wood and stick it in.

Step 4: Smoke and Enjoy!

This is not a instructable on how to smoke, but here are the basic steps:

- Pour about 50 charcoal briquettes in the bottom of the smoker and light them.

- Put in the ceramic plate, the grate and the meat.

- Use front half-block and tipped up lid to adjust air flow to achieve 225 degrees.

- Smoke for roughly 1 hour per pound of meat. Wrap meat in foil at about halfway through.

- Check every 30 minutes, toward the end, and take meat out when it falls apart with the touch of a fork.