I wanted aquarium lights for my amphibian tank, but thought of trying to make it myself. This project requires things that probably most people have in their home, so you probably won't have to go out and buy stuff. If you don't have something needed for this instructable,you could go to a Dollar General or Walmart, exc.


  • a bright flashlight( or a bright electric light that has to be plugged in, if you would rather have non-battery operated light)
  • paper towels or paper
  • markers of any color you would like

Your light should be bright, like the one in the picture.

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Step 1:

First, take your paper towel or paper and color a spot (your choice of color) with the markers.Make sure when you place the light on the spot the light covers the whole thing.

Color the paper or paper towel hard so that your marker almost breaks through.

Step 2:

Put the paper towel down onto the lid of the aquarium, and set your light down onto the spot you colored. It doesn't work in the light, only when it's dark. In the picture the color I did was green, I liked that one best.

This also works for glow fish, too.

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