Introduction: DIY Acrylic Plastic Bending Machine

As a DIYer it's always fun to fiddle with small yet handy projects. Last weekend I decided to use my scrap particle board to make a small plastic bending machine with as fewer parts as possible. finally I managed to make a small 11 by 9 inch Book shape plastic bender which can be slide under desk to store till next use.

Step 1: Step 1: Measure and Cutting

I had few left over particle board (chip board) pieces, I managed to find 3 identical pieces of 11 inch by 4.5 which I decided to use. After placing 2 pieces side by side with almost 20mm gap the first step was to attach those two pieces with a hinge, unfortunately I couldn't find small hinges but found 4" door hinge in scrap. I marked that into 2 half and using angle grind cut them into two. Using Philip wooden screws I attached hinges with about 8 inch gap.

Step 2: Step 2: Adding Aluminium and Tin Cover

Next step was to secure particle board from high 400 watt header lamp, which can easily burn board. To secure it I decided to use one 11 inch aluminium angle (1"x1" 2mm thick) and a 8 inch tin strip. I marked and cut aluminium with STANLEY 150MM 6" JUNIOR MINI HACKSAW which is really handy and helpful in small projects. using Stanley Aviation Tin Snips I cut 8 inch tin strip which I placed in top piece inseam using 4 small 1 inch nails.

Also I cut another 11 inch aluminium angle (1"x1" 2mm thick) and attached it on top side of board it will help later to bend plastic to prefect 90 degree.

Step 3: Step 3: Adding Electronics and Wiring

Next step was to add limit switch, I wanted to turn machine on when its open and stop working when it should close therefore I decided to use limit switch, after testing different limit switch I found Omron V15G1A5K Micro Switch Pin Plunger a better choice. I did not want to use nail or way to trigger limit switch therefore I decided to twist its tin arm using alligator pliers to about 75 degree. It really worked flawlessly.

Next I tie limit switch wire with hot glue around the board and on other end attached female thimble pin using 7 In 1 Tool Pro'sKit 8PK-3163 which is really economical, robust and reliable tool.

Later I added 400 watt 200 mm HALOGEN Heater Replacement Tube element bulb from my old electric heater. I secured both (lamp) ends with thimble cover and stick them using hot glue, I used hot glue on sides which worked even with 2 min work. then I added an electric wire with lamp and limit switch. for more safety I added another switch in wire in case limit switch malfunction.

Step 4: Testing

After Checking Now it was time to test machine, I took a scrap red acrylic sheet mark edges with black marker and with hex saw trim edges. after that I converted that sheet into a small tray. check out attached video.

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