Introduction: DIY Active Noise Cancelling Headphone - Episode 1

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These days most popular headphone technology is active noise-canceling headphones. But the problem is Active noise-canceling headphones are more expensive. So that I Search many ways to make own active noise canceling system. First, I find op-amp based system, but the problem is that the circuit difficult to make smaller and supply power is high.its not practical. that system simple but cant include headphones inside & need 15V dual power supply. So I find another way to do that. I search for a single chip ANC for my requirement. I found a suitable IC from the AMS technology site. I used the AS3415 chip because its suitable for my project.

what is ANC There are two methods for the noise canceling in headphones. 1.passive noise canceling. 2. Active noise canceling. 1. passive noise canceling has not an electronic circuit, it used rubber earpads ( over the ear design ) that canceling eliminate noises. 2. Active noise canceling used an electronic system to monitor environment noises and generate anti_noise and mixed with audio playback. How to do that? this system used two dedicated mics for getting environment noises and that signal inverting and mixed with input sound. that time noises canceling and make the silent environment and make comfortable audio playback.

Step 1: Circuit Design

I made my PCB layout using eagle cad & before the design, you want to read the AS3415 datasheet because they provide special information about the PCB layout. So I design my PCB layout like they provided an example layout. why they provide a sample layout? because get the best performance.

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