Introduction: How to Make 4G LTE Double BiQuade Antenna Easy Steps

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Most of the time I faced, I don't have good signal strength to my day-to-day works. So. I search and try different types of antenna but not work. After wasted time I found an antenna that I hope to make and test, Because it's building principle not hard and easy to make. First I thank this instructables post and this blog really help for me.


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Step 1: Calculate Antenna Measurements

First find out your carrier frequency and visit this Site and Calculate measurements. Click here .

Step 2: How to Do ?

First measure and cut the copper string to parts (1.5 mm thickness enough

Draw your antenna diagram on the paper and stick to a flat surface.

Put copper parts on the diagram and use superglue and stick.

After that solder the corner properly.

(If you don't like this method use your own method)

Don't connect Crosses.

You don't have SMA connector use small coaxial cable piece to connect the antenna point.

Use Galvanize sheet for reflector. If you have Copper or aluminum sheet better than galvanize sheets.

For better results use 50 Ohms coaxial cable or if you have not 75 Ohms TV antenna coaxial cable enough.

After finished that. Connect antenna to the router using SMA male pin connector.

Step 3: Conclusion

I don't going to show speed test. (I will update soon with video). If you have to any problem comment below.