DIY Adorable Centrepiece Lamp




Introduction: DIY Adorable Centrepiece Lamp

A very easy paper table centrepiece that can be made in under 5 minutes! It doubles as a lamp for an adorable setting.

Step 1: You Will Need:

1) 1 A3 sized gateway sheet or any translucent paper that is a bit rigid and not grainy. Do not use thin and weak papers as the heat may bring about undesirable changes.
2) A printed translucent paper - you could even print as desired or have stickers/motifs/crystals/rhinestones/cutouts - anything preferably opaque. Focus on the shapes & silhouettes.
3) Two metal rings or any kind of rings until they are atleast 1/2 to quarter inches wide and diametrically atleast quarter of your hand's length and stiff.
4) A very low wattage light bulb with a holder and wire OR Tealights 1 is sufficient and adds an interesting flicker.
5)A bunch of faux flowers or you could use tied up real ones too albeit they aren't dripping with water, don't last that long though.
6)A glue stick or any light glue.
7) Scissors & Cellophane Tape.

Step 2: Method

1) Choose 1 of the rings as the base, the other will be the top.
2)Print on one of the papers or you could even use 2 A4 sized papers printed in dark colors or decorate.
3)Stick the 2 papers together with the glue stick so that they overlap.
4) Take the base ring and wrap one of the longer edges around it, using glue and tape. The papers will have formed a cylindrical shape, glue the length or simply tape. Now add the upper ring taping it too.
5) Top with the flowers.
6) Place a small tealight/bulb and place the lamp on top of it.
Viola! The centrepiece is ready!

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    7 years ago

    Very nice project. I would suggest using LEDs with a rechargeable power supply to make it wireless or just using a LED buld to illuminate the heat put off by incandescent and even UV light bulbs. Even with low wattage bulbs, you may have a fire hazzard with this set up. A tealight candle can also become a fire risk in this set up through drying out the paper to a degree where a flash fire is possible.

    They do make small battery powered LED tea lights, but they are disposable and would work and be safer but a rechargeable set up would be safe and more environmentally friendly.

    Keep up the beautiful project ideas. Ones like this, that are easy for an unskilled person to reproduce, are outstanding.


    8 years ago

    Yes, thanks for the suggestions :)