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Introduction: DIY Air Conditioner With Recycle

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Welcome, today I will show you how to build a small air conditioner , the materials are easy to find and
the difficulty is very low, of course, does not have the same power as a true conditioner but given the low spending his
performance is is very good.
the materials to be used are:

-bowl polystyrene (alternative you can use plastic, I chose polystyrene for good thermal characteristics)

-old usb cable

-connection for 9v battery

-two cooling fans, usually are used for the cooling of the CPU or other electronic components

if you prefer you can see the video for view the final result!

Step 1: Cut the Polystyrene

the first thing you will need a polystyrene bowl

Take two fans( I used those to cool the cpu ) remember you will have to place them in a manner that draws air, while the other push off...

cut the polystyrene and place the fan.

Step 2: Prepare the Power Supply

Ok, now you can choose what power supply you prefer
USB Cable:

for usb you have need a old usb cable... cut in half, inside you can found 4 wire: Red, Black , green, white. you have to save only red and black wire.

9volt battery:

for power with 9-volt battery you need a compatible connector.
You can find this connector in a old 9-volt battery and soldering two wires to the two poles

after you have connect the wire together

the + and the -

usually the red wire represent the + pole and the black the - pole

Step 3: Solder the Wire

you're almost done! :D

now you have to connect the power supply to the fan with a solder, you can see the drawing of the circuit, but is a really simple job.

after remember to insulate the wire!

Step 4: Put the Ice in the Bowl and You're Done


put some ice in the bowl of polyestyrene, conect the power supply and check the temperature!


  1. do not mix the two power supplies
  2. when the ice melt, put the water out of the bowl

Congratulations you have finished the job!

by by at the next time


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