Introduction: Seal Plastic Bag at Home | HAIR STRAIGHTENER Way

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in this video I want to show you how simple it is to reuse an old hair straightener to obtain hermetically sealed bags, all without the use of a bag sealing machine, which although it can cost little is still an extra object to use

few things will be enough,

  • an old hair straightener
  • baking paper or plain paper
  • plastic bags (better those suitable for storage and suitable for sealing)

Here you can see the Video:

after checked the video continue with the instructables

Step 1: The Common Machine Vs Hair Straightener

The Plastic sealer works in a very simple way, it is based on a resistance that heats up in a thin point and thanks to the material of which it is made it allows not to glue the sealed plastic

we can reproduce the process in a similar way , I don't tell you not to buy it because it can be very useful in many situations but it is not essential for occasional use of this application

Step 2: Always Use an Insulating Material

To ensure that the plastic does not stick to the hair straightener, we must use an insulating material that allows heat to pass through

this is excellent in the case of parchment paper,m welding is precise and very resistant

as you can see if we did not use any insulating material the results would not be satisfactory, full of burrs and the closure is not necessarily perfect

Step 3: Use Your Creativity

there are a lot of applications and solutions in which to use this bag sealer

for example if you have seeds that you want to keep from humidity and temperature changes in addition to cataloging them with a label, this is the case

Step 4: What If You Don't Have Baking Paper?

in case you don't have baking paper you can use a system with any type of paper that is thick enough, in my case I also used ordinary photocopy paper

Step 5: Important Documents

if you have important documents or comics that you want to keep intact this is one of the best ways to keep them safe, here I also show how in case they end up in the water this is not entered and our document is safe

think about it in case you have that comic n°1 you want to save :D

Step 6: Waterproof a Smartphone

To test how useful this technique is, I wanted to see if it was possible to put a smartphone underwater

well the results are extraordinary

think of that time when going to the beach the phone filled up with sand or worse it ended up in salt water, I still remember my poor Tamagotchi who ended up in the sea :(

well we can say that with about 10 cents you made your phone waterproof

Step 7: How Does It Work for Liquids?

in this case I want to show you how it is possible to seal liquids inside

in the future I will show a lot of uses for this thing, but if you browse my channel and my other instructables you can see that it has already been used in many cases

I warmly thank you for reading me and I hope you enjoyed this guide

see you next time

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