Introduction: DIY Amazing Lampshade With Cotton Threads

These are steps for making the lampshade with cotton threads!

Step 1: Collect All Materials That We Need for the Lampshade

First, Before you start to process with DIY for the lampshade, Collect all materials which are needed.

You need :

2 Cotton Threads, An airball, PVA Glue, Water, Corn Starch, Salt, Gloves, An apron, Useless Newspapers, 2 Bowls (Big one, Small one), A stick, An air pump - Not necessary, An awl (or needle)

Step 2: Preparation for Not to Be Messy

What you need in this step :

Useless Newspapers, Gloves, An apron

Second, Before you start, you should place useless newspapers on the table and wear gloves and an apron because your table and clothes will be messy because of drops of glue.

Step 3: Blow the Airball

What you need in this step :
An airball, An air pump

Third, blow the airball with the air pump, if you don't have an air pump, you can blow up the airball with your breath instead.

Step 4: Make the Mixture of PVA Glue

What you need in this step :

A small bowl, PVA Glue, Water, Corn Starch, Salt, A stick

Fourth, Pour PVA Glue and Water into the bowl and mix them each other with the ratio of 1:1 using the stick.

After they are mixed properly, sprinkle a pinch of Corn starch and Salt into the mixture and stir again.

Step 5: Soak Cotton Threads Into the Mixture

What you need in this step :

Cotton Threads

Fifth, Soak Cotton Threads into the mixture of PVA Glue and Water properly.

Step 6: Bring the Air Ball With the Big Bowl to Sustain the Air Ball Well

What you need in this step :

A big bowl, The blown airball

Sixth, Bring the blown airball with the big bowl to sustain the airball more stable before we start to cover the surface of the airball with the soaked cotton threads.

Step 7: Pick Up the Cotton Thread and Cover the Air Ball

Seventh, pick up the soaked cotton thread from the mixture and start to cover the surface of the airball.

A small hole has to go on the top for the lamp wire later.

Step 8: Pull Up Cotton Threads on a Certain Height of the Air Ball for the Bottom

Eighth, Pull up the soaked cotton threads which are covering the surface of the airball on a certain height of the airball for the bottom of the lampshade.

Step 9: Let Them Dry at Least 3 Days

Ninth, Let them be dried at least 3 days. They need to be firm to be stable enough later.

Step 10: Use the Awl or Needle to Pop the Air Ball

What you need in this step :

An awl(or needle)

Tenth, Use the awl or needle to pop the airball.

Step 11: Take Off the Popped Air Ball Carefully From the Cotton Threads

Eleventh, Take off the popped Airball carefully from the cotton threads.

You have to be careful about the airball is being ripped or lost its own round shape.

Step 12: Done !