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Hello friends, and all Arduino Lover.

Today I made a very interesting thing for very Arduino Lover. This is a Simple Arduino LCD Game. This game is very simple from a boy run on a street that boy make safe himself by road car and fly-jet.

This is very good 16X2 LCD Display project in my life.

Only one push button Us in this game .Only One deference in "Hello World " simple LCD program to change one pin to another (Ex-Always rule D2,D3,D4,D5 but now D3,D4,D5,D6). This is truly enjoyment working project with 16X2 LCD Display.

Step 1: Parts Needed

1X Arduino Uno or-

Nano- //You Choose

1X LCD Display-

1X Breadboard-

1X Pushbutton-

1X 10k Preset-

Male Female Jumper wire-

You can buy from this websites or you can buy from general Hobby Stores and Electronic Stores.

Step 2: Circuit Diagram

Now all electronic in circuit diagram. I am not made in Breadboard just I simply use PCB .

But this not true you can't made in breadboard.

Connect pins like that on your breadboard.

Connect DB7 to Arduino pin 3Connect DB6 to Arduino pin 4Connect DB5 to Arduino pin 5Connect DB4 to Arduino pin 6Connect E to Arduino pin 9Connect R/W to Arduino pin 10 (or to black row at top of breadboard)Connect RS to Arduino pin 11Connect V0 to Arduino pin 12 (or to black row at top of breadboard).

Step 3: The Code

First Open your Arduino IDE and download the code from this link TrueScience22 .

Click >>>> New

Paste the code.

Go To Tools >>>>Select the board>>>>Arduino Uno/Nano you choose.

Port>>>>COM4 .

Just Upload.

This is very simple steps for all Arduino IDE User.

If have no any software so go to this link

Step 4: Complete

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